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Camping at Underhill

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

The frogs, the fog, and the fantastic beasts! There are countless ways to lose yourself at Underhill Farm. Tucked in the hills of Dryden, NY, and nestled alongside a beautiful pond, is a 13' tent that opens up to the wonders of the farm. While we are busily creating little pockets of enjoyment around the farm, this tent area is definitely one of our favorites.

Tent nestled amongst the pond
Wake up to wonders of the pond at Underhill.

Camping in the Finger Lakes

Look outside of the state parks for some of the best camping in the Finger Lakes of NY. Hipcamp and others have afforded landowners like us to open up our property for visitors of the region.

Wine glasses and bottle next to pond
Wine on the lake. The Dryden Lake District is the best kept secret of the Finger Lakes

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